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The submarine Flore-S645 and its museum in Lorient Bretagne Sud

Visiting a military submarine is usually only reserved for the privileged few. Not in Lorient! On the former submarine base, this is a must-see visit. The museum and La Flore bring a large part of our history to the surface. A thrilling immersion in time.

A veil is lifted on an unknown world. This is a unique opportunity to discover a terrible weapon “for real”, its technological prowess and the heroism of the crews.

Intérieur du sous-marin "La Flore" à la Base de sous-marin de Lorient

A unique visit

Visit La Flore submarine to travel back in time… …and dive into the past.

An immersive museum in the heart of a cell

Enfant au périscope dans le musée du sous-marin Flore à Lorient La Base
©Yvan ZEDDA Sellor. Enfant au périscope dans le musée du sous-marin Flore à Lorient La Base.
Visite de la muséographie du sous-marin Flore à Lorient La Base.
© Yvan ZEDDA Sellor. Visite de la muséographie du sous-marin Flore à Lorient La Base.

Submarine Warfare

Dive into the heart of submarine warfare, the most secretive of the 20th century… As soon as you pass through the steel doors of the K2, you will be immersed in another world. The atmosphere, the noise, the lights… Everything evokes the Second World War, and especially the submarine warfare commanded from Lorient.

From the very first rooms, ghostly echoes resound whispering tales of the town’s martyrdom. Then, discover the Daphne-class of submarines (such as La Flore, in active service from 1955 to 1989) and its propulsion machinery, the periscope, life on board, the engine room…

Adults will be recalling their physics and chemistry lessons while fascinated children will have fun answering the quiz.


In the last room in the museum, the time machine unrolls a chronological frieze.

A spectacular 15-minute sound and light show brings this period of history to life. You will understand the technological, ideological and military clashes that marked this deadly conflict.

An emotion that’s hard to resist.

Visit a real submarine

©Yvan ZEDDA Sellor. La proue du sous-marin Flore à Lorient La Base

Catch your breath before heading into the belly of the S-645, also known as La Flore. As you recognize the smell of grease, the torpedo compartment will remind you that this submarine was first and foremost a deadly weapon. The cramped space is totally fascinating. One after the other, in single file, visitors wonder how several dozen sailors were able to live together on board this “can of sardines”. Back on the surface, you start to understand a little better what they must have felt during their first dive, the “ping jockeys”, the machinist’s mate or the poor guy who had to sleep in the hot bunk.

Visite à l'intérieur du Sous-Marin Flore à Lorient la Base

An absolutely unique visit!

The bunker is impressive, and the interactive museum is exciting for young and old alike.

When you visit the submarine La Flore and its museum, you enter the history of Lorient, a strategic port since its creation at the time of the French East India Company until today. Immerse yourself in the world of submarines, in the sounds and images and relive 50 years of contemporary history.

For an even more fun visit for young people (from 8 years old), games for smartphones can be downloaded here.

Events all year round

The museum organizes several events throughout the year: exhibitions, heritage days of course, and also treasure hunts, murder parties, a night at the museum…

The more daring among you can even take part in an evening aboard La Flore: surrounded by former submariners, share a typical dinner of the time, the atmosphere and the crew’s dive stories.

©E. LEMEE. Entrée pour la billetterie du sous-marin Flore à Lorient La Base
Lorient La base, le quai du pôle course au large.
© Xavier DUBOIS. Lorient La Base, le quai du pôle course au large.

Nearby, from discovery to discovery!

Walk, discover, stroll along the pontoons to see the sailboats, visit, family breaks, children’s games, bars and restaurants… The submarine Flore-S645 is located in the heart of the former submarine base in Lorient and the whole site has been completely refurbished since the French Navy left it in 1997. Now, it’s a great place for a wander.


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