Around Lorient, 24 communes between the sea and valleys

All around Lorient, discover 24 communes all with a strong, singular identity. Urban, rural or marine (and sometimes all three at once!), they define the character of the area as a whole.

Playa "Larmor plage" Costa oueste
isla de Groix
Isla de Groix

A different feel on the island of Groix

Take the boat from Lorient, and head for the island of Groix.

45 minutes later, the change of scenery is complete!

Walks and shopping in Lanester

Adjacent to Lorient, the town of Lanester is very dynamic, and the third largest town in the Morbihan. You can stroll along the banks of the rivers Scorff and Blavet, the two rivers that flow into the bay of Lorient. You will also find a huge choice in the shopping centre (clothes, shoes, high-tech products, toys, multiplex cinema, restaurants, hotel chains, etc.).

Parque Mandéla en Lanester
Parque Mandela en Lanester
la Rada de Lorient
la Rada de Lorient

Discovering the east side of the Bay

On the east side of the bay of Lorient, Riantec, Locmiquélic, Port-Louis and Gâvres are towns that overlook the petite mer de Gâvres, and / or the ocean. Beautiful nature walks, sand fishing and cultural visits await. You can reach these places by boat-bus from Lorient, for the price of a bus ticket, and even take your bike on board for no extra charge!

The Green Valley of the river Blavet

Walking or cycling along the towpath of the Blavet, in the green valley, in Hennebont, Inzinzac-Lochrist, Languidic, and Quistinic over a few hours or several days, or even sailing up the river Blavet, is something that will appeal to sports and nature lovers. The green valley is a wonderful source of peace and serenity. Brandérion is nearby with some beautiful architecture to discover.

El Vallée Verte del Blavet
El Vallée Verte del Blavet
Pueblo de Lanvaudan
Pueblo de Lanvaudan

Lorient - also rural

North of Lanester, the surrounding area of Lorient is more rural. Caudan, Plouay, Calan, Lanvaudan, Inguiniel and Bubry are an opportunity to discover some ancient sites (Domaine de Manehouarn, thatched cottages), local produce to taste, hiking trails to explore …

Hiking, heritage and cultural events

Pont-Scorff, Cléguer, Gestel and Quéven are municipalities marked by the presence of the river Scorff. In Pont-Scorff, you can sometimes see salmon in the river depending on the season. Going to these places is an opportunity for beautiful walks, and for discovering the beautiful architecture. Pont-Scorff and Quéven also offer a wide range of municipal and associative cultural activities.

Le Scorff - Pont Calleck
Le Scorff - Pont Calleck
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