Strolls, hikes, greenway biking, river kayaking or paddle boarding, travelling art exhibitions, visit a Breton village from the Middle Ages, arts and crafts … Discover the hinterland of Lorient Bretagne Sud, and the many activities available.

Greenway by bike, between the town and the sea

There is a really nice bike ride to do, especially with the family: the greenway between Lorient Kerfichant and Le Courégant in Plœmeur! It’s an 8 km ride through the countryside, with no cars, and on flat ground. The level is accessible to everyone! The scenery is rural and bucolic. The route ends at Courégant in Plœmeur. The opportunity to enjoy the sea, after the countryside!

Lanester also has countryside, in particular the gardens of the Château du Diable, a very pleasant green setting just a stone’s throw from the town!

Vía verde en bicicleta
Vía verde en bicicleta
Estanque Du Loch en Guidel
Estanque Du Loch en Guidel

Plœmeur and Guidel: between the countryside and the sea

In Plœmeur, the path running along the two lakes of Le Ter is popular with walkers and joggers (close to Lorient). The site of Soye is also a nice place for a walk in Plœmeur. The Poisson Volant theme park offers fun outdoor activities for children.

Further inland, we also recommend the circuit around the two lakes of the Loch in Guidel, in a protected natural area.

Pont-Scorff, architecture and art

The village of Pont-Scorff is great for a getaway for anyone who loves old stones, nature walks, and arts & crafts. Discover the artists in the Cour des Métiers d’art. In the village, the Atelier d’Estienne puts on exhibitions of contemporary art. During the summer, L’Art Chemin faisant is a walk through nature and culture that we like to do.

A walk in the animal park of Pont-Scorff is an idea for a family outing, it always pleases the children, for sure.

In Gestel, the Domaine du Lain is a beautiful place for a picnic or a walk along a “sensory path”.

Atelier d'Etienne, contemporary art gallery in Pont-Scorff.
©Thibault Poriel-LBST - Atelier d'Etienne, contemporary art gallery in Pont-Scorff.

Around Hennebont: historical heritage and walks along the Blavet

Hennebont is a town to explore for its ramparts and its basilica. It was a very active town in the Middle Ages and contributed to the economic development of the area, well before the creation of Lorient. The stud farm is well worth a visit, as Hennebont was strongly marked by the role that horses played. Equestrian shows are organised here, especially during end of year celebrations and in summer.

In Hennebont, you can also walk or cycle along the old towpath along the Blavet to Inzinzac-Lochrist, Languidic and even as far as Pontivy for the most motivated (48 km!). It is a very pleasant walk or hike (depending on the number of kilometers), during which you will discover many locks.

Murallas de Hennebont
Murallas de Hennebont

Water sports are also possible on the Blavet, such as sailing on the Korriganez, a Dutch tjalk, or kayaking in white water at Locastel, in Inzinzac-Lochrist. Or, for the more sporty, try your hand at wake boarding at the West Wake Park.

But also...

Around Plouay: heritage, nature and local producers

The Breton village of Lanvaudan and its thatched cottages

In Quistinic, we recommend a visit to the thatched cottage village of Poul-Fetan, to do with family or friends. This village is based on a reconstruction of rural life in the Middle Ages in Brittany. Still in Quistinic, a hike combining nature and a circuit of old chapels is also great to do (Circuit des chapelles).

In a spirit of architecture and nature, the Domaine de Manehouarn in Plouay is a great idea for a walk. Around the pond and the large stone manor house, there are some remarkable trees. Also in Plouay, every year at the end of August, a cycling Grand Prix takes place; an event much appreciated by cycling enthusiasts.

In Lanvaudan, old stone thatched cottages have been renovated in respect of ancient heritage. It’s well worth a stop in the village!

In Bubry and Calan, the Lorient area gets even more rural. An opportunity to have a meal in a traditional crêperie and discover the many local producers in the area.

Village du Poul Fetan, Quistinic
Village du Poul Fetan, Quistinic
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