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Treat yourself, and enjoy!

Are you visiting Brittany for several days and especially in Lorient Bretagne Sud? Like good food? Treat yourself!

Treat your taste buds with local produce! Your taste memories will be unforgettable.

Tips, recipes and information on our pages!

enfant qui mange une crêpe


Are you a “lichou” or a “lichouse”?

In this region, a “lichou(se)” is someone with a sweet tooth! Who loves a little sweet treat and gives in to the slightest temptation!

Langoustines et mayonnaise maison


Lorient is the first langoustine port of France; you can buy live, freshly-caught  langoustine in all fish shops. Drop into boiling water and cook for three minutes after it comes back to the boil.

Tranche de merlu au court-bouillon aux aromates, pommes de terre et carottes.


The hake is the emblematic fish of the Lorient fishing port. It can be bought in the market Halles de Merville in Lorient and in all the fishmongers in Lorient Bretagne Sud.

©Erwan TONNERRE, Groix Haliotis. Culture de l' ormeau sur l'Ile de Groix.


It is known as “the caviar of the sea”. Fished or farmed, it is a food-lovers’ delight.  If you visit the island of Groix, don’t miss the abalone farm! Well cooked, it’s delicious!

©Catherine LE BAIL. Gâteau Breton en morceau.

Gâteau breton

The recipe was created in Lorient in 1867 for the Universal Exhibition. Just four ingredients: flour, salted butter, eggs and sugar. There are hundreds of recipes and variations … The Breton cake, to be tested and compared!

Étale de choux de Lorient

Lorient cabbage

Are you looking for a local vegetable? The Lorient cabbage is back on the scene in recent years, and can be found at all markets in Lorient Bretagne Sud.

dîner de galettes en amoureux à Lorient

Crêpes et Galettes

Let us not overlook the famous Breton crepes, buckwheat or wheat pancakes. You can buy them take-away from various craft shops, or prepare them yourself with various fillings. There is a wide choice of creperies in Lorient Bretagne Sud!

Le chumpot, spécialité de l'Île de Groix

Groix Chumpot

It’s the island’s sweet speciality. The tchumpôt or Kouign pod is eaten in restaurants and can be found in the island’s bakeries. It is a pastry made with a fairly heavy caramelized and butter-filled dough. A little like the kouign amann, the butter cake from the Finistère.

Other Treats to Discover

Kari Gosse

Kari Gosse is a blend of spices that goes well with seafood (fish and shellfish), reminiscent of the time of the French East India Company (ginger, turmeric, cloves, red pepper…). It can be bought in some pharmacies in the Morbihan and Finistère. Buy it for yourself or as a gift!

Le Kari Gosse est une spécialité d'épices à Lorient.
©Cath LEBAIL. Le Kari Gosse est une spécialité d'épices à Lorient.
Flacon Huile de homard à Lorient.
©Groix et Nature. Flacon Huile de homard à Lorient.

Lobster oil

Lobster oil is also a nice gift idea to bring back in your luggage. It was invented by the company Groix & Nature.

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