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This label means that a whole programme of walks and urban and cultural visits is available: the submarine base, 1950s architecture, Enclos du Port, port facilities… You will never look at Lorient in the same way again.

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The Department of Heritage and Hôtel Gabriel

All year round, the Department of Heritage in the Hôtel Gabriel (Enclos du Port), provides guided tours of the town, workshops for young people, monthly meetings, exhibitions about the history of Lorient, town planning and contemporary creation.

Information and calendar

Discover the town with urban walks

Le bassin à flots et le port de plaisance de Lorient

Do you want to stroll around Lorient, and discover its architecture and history? Eight “Lorient Walks” have been designed by the label Ville d’Art et d’Histoire.

These circuits are very popular.

  • Art and History in the city centre: starting from Hotel Gabriel in the Enclos du Port, pass through the centre of Lorient, via the marina and its private mansions on the Quai des Indes, the Place Aristide-Briand, the Théâtre de Lorient, etc.
  • Villa Promenade:  18th century, 1930s, reconstruction period (1950s), contemporary architecture… A beautiful architectural walk from the Merville district, through Le Moustoir, Le Parco, and Carnel districts.
  • From port to port: the fishing port, the marina, transport, trade, shipbuilding, ocean racing… The maritime economy has shaped and continues to shape the ports of Lorient. Do it in one go or in two (two loops: East and West), with a shopping stop or a gourmet treat on the avenue de la Perrière (vast choice at midday!).
Les immeubles du Quai de Rohan - Lorient

Heritage sites

La maquette de Lorient détruite en 1945 - Visible à l'abri anti-bombes de la Place Alsace Lorraine - Lorient
© Xavier DUBOIS. La maquette de Lorient détruite en 1945 - Visible à l'abri anti-bombes de la Place Alsace Lorraine - Lorient.

The Bomb Shelter
place Alsace-Lorraine

Right in the centre of Lorient, enter the “passive defence shelter”, an underground shelter for up to 400 people from September 1941. It was used to shelter the population of the city centre, particularly during the bombings of January and February 1943 which destroyed 85% of the city but failed to destroy the submarine base built by the Germans.

The shelter is open for guided tours during weekends and school holidays.

Lorient La Base - Vue sur les alvéoles du bloc K3 - Lorient
© Emmanuel Lemée - Lorient La Base - Vue sur les alvéoles du bloc K3 - Lorient

The K3 block
of the submarine base

Enjoy a guided tour of the largest World War II German submarine base.

Le réservoir d'eau dans l'Enclos du Port à Lorient.
© Xavier DUBOIS. Le réservoir d'eau dans l'Enclos du Port à Lorient.

Visits to
the Enclos du Port

Visit the Hotel Gabriel and its exhibitions, the observatory-mill, the Tour de la Découverte and the water reservoir.

The Port Tours

Come and explore the maritime techniques and know-how of Lorient thanks to espace des sciences/ Maison de la mer. This association proposes several visits:

1- “The bay of 3000 ships”: a round trip by motorboat between Lorient and Locmiquélic, a brief visit of the shipyard and the view from the top of the fort of Pen Mané to discover the port and the richness and diversity of activities in the bay. Come and meet the people, the companies and their know-how.

Crossing time : about 5 minutes

2- Keroman Ship Repair Area: Come and follow the tour of trawlers, ferries, sailing boats, speedboats… the Keroman Ring, also known as slipway, is a place many ships pass through. Lifted out of the water by one of the most powerful cranes in Europe, they reveal their underwater secrets.

Answer any questions you may have !

3- How are new fish food products made?

A visit to the IDmer technical centre will answer your questions and help you understand this process.

4 – How to ensure sustainable fishing?

A visit to the Ifremer station will reveal the work of scientists developing sustainable fishing techniques.

Lorient Port de pêche
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